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We use the term Provencal generically to refer to the entire Southeastern French gastronomy.

Cooking schools in the South of France teach cooks about Provencal cooking more than Nicoise or other truly regional cooking.

Recipes Herbs of Provence
  • Herbs, Spices and Edible Plants
  • An illustrated list
Vegetarian Dining
  • Some Tips
Special Dishes
  • Photos of random Provencal dishes
Nissarde Cuisine
  • Nice Regional Cooking
Food Dictionaries Measurements
  • Metric conversions, abbreviations
Michelin Guide
  • About the Michelin Guide and its star system for restaurants

English-French: Beyond's French cooking and recipes text has French words and phrases mixed in with the English. For example, many pastries are classed as either sweet (sucré = sugared) or non-sweet (salé = salted); the English "salted pie" does not do justice to "tarte salée").
[Provencal] equivalents are given in square brackets, in italics.