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The D2210 road along the forested edge of the hills runs from Châteauneuf-Pré-du-Lac (near Grasse) through Le Bar-sur-Loup, Pont-du-Loup, Tourrettes-sur-Loup and Vence.

Down in the bottom of the valley at Pont-du-Loup, where the little D6 road turns off to go up through the gorge, you see Gourdon perched on the cliffs high above, and the tall pillars of the bombed-out railway viaduct crossing the valley in a curve.

Cascade de Courmes

About 4 km up the deep valley, the Cascade de Courmes (waterfall) comes down over a notch in a long feather of water (photo) blowing in the nearly constant wind. The water then spills over large mossy boulders into the pool (photo), 40 m below the top.

There's not much parking near the falls, and the best place is on the left just at the exit of the first, long tunnel.

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