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There are many informative displays, excellent diaporamas, dispersed video displays with stills and movies, and wall projections. If you're only faintly interested in history or prehistory, reserve about an hour for a visit; otherwise you'll need considerably more time.

In addition to the artifacts discovered locally, the museum houses bones, tools and pottery from 60-some caves and grottos and brought together from museums all over France. The Grotte de la Baume Bonne is reconstituted, and there's a boutique and cafeteria for visitors. For students and researchers, there are laboratories and workshops, as part of "pole d'excellence du Parc Régional du Verdon".

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The almond-shaped main building was designed by the English architect Norman Foster.

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Location: Quinson, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Open: 28 July - 14 June: 6 days, closed Tue; 10h-18h
15 June - 16 Sept: 7 days; 10h-20h
16 Sept - 15 Dec: 6 days, closed Tue; 10h-18h
16 Dec - 31 Jan: annual closure

Entry: About 7 €; children 6-18, about 4 €.

Tel: 0492 740 959; Fax: 0492 740 959

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