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Tour de France Cycling

Tour de France 2015 in Provence

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The 2015 Tour de France cycling race begins on the Fourth of July in Utrecht, Holland. It crosses the north of France to Brittany in 9 stages, and on 14 July (French Independence Day) begins the first stage in the South of France.

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The purpose of our Provence-Beyond Tour-de-France page is to show you where and when the 2015 Tour passes through our Beyond territory of South-Central and Southeast France. Complete Tour-de-France 2015 information is available directly from the La Tour website (, along with very detailed route maps for each stage.

Stage 10: Tarbes - La Pierre-St-Martin

Toulouse bridge 14 July (Tuesday) the Tour departs the town of Tarbes in the Pyrennees, 150 km southwest of Toulouse [our photo]. This stage heads west, past the town of Pau, then south to La Pierre-Saint-Martin on the Spanish border.

Stage 11: Pau - Lourdes - Cauterets

15 July (Wednesday) the Tour sets off from Pau, 200 km west of Toulouse. The route is southeast, through the town of Lourdes, then a loop south and west again through the Pyrénées mountains near the border with Spain.

Stage 12: Lannemezan - Plateau de Beille

Red-brick Castillet tower in Perpignan 16 July (Thursday) departure is from Lannemezan, 35 km east of Tarbes and 120 km southwest of Toulouse. This is a very mountainous stage east-southeast through the Pyrénées and the Ariège to the Plateau de Beille. The mountain-top finish is at 1780 m altitude, 40 km south of Foix and 150 km east of Perpignan (our photo).

Stage 13: Muret - Rodez

Cahors' Pont Valentré, 14th century fortified 17 July (Friday) Muret departure is a village just 20 km southwest the center of Toulouse. The route goes northeast, skirting Toulouse and skirting Alpp to arrive at Rodez, 150 km northeast of Toulouse and 110 km east of Cahors (our photo).

Stage 14: Rodez - Mende

Saint Chély-du-Tarn tucked into 18 July (Saturday) Rodez departure (110 km east of Cahors) goes southeast to the Tarn river, then northeast past the town of Millau and along the beautiful Tarn Gorges (Tarn Gorges Area Map).

At the village of Le Rozier the Tour heads up the magnificient Tarnes Gorges, passing the villages of Les Vignes and St Chély-du-Tarn.

Center of Sainte Enimie, with the Five km up past St Chély-du-Tarn, at Ste Enimie, the Tour leaves the Tarn Gorges and heads north to Mende (Mende Area Map).

Within just a few km east of Ste Enimie along the Tarn (off the Tour route, you have the very picturesque little Tarn-river villages of Prades, Castelbouc, Blajoux, Montbrun and Ispagnac. Just past Ispagnac (and 30 minutes east of Ste-Enimie) is the town of Florac, with shops and a few hotels.

Stage 15: Mende - Valence

19 July (Sunday) the Tour departs Mende, in the Lozère, and heads northeast across the Ardèche department to the town of Valence on the Rhône river. (Mende Area Map) (Valence Area Map)

Around mid-day the route will pass Pont d'Ucel on the Ardèche, 30 km north of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc at the top of the Ardèche Gorges (Gorges de l Ardèche)

Stage 16: Bourg-de-Péage - Gap

Serre-Poncon lake 20 July (Monday) the Tour departs the town of Bourg-de-Péage,18 km northeast of Valence (Valence Area Map). The cycling route is south to the town of Crest on the Drôme, the east along the Drôme river valley, the towns of Die and Luc-en-Diois, and over the Col de Cabre to Aspres-sur-Buech in the Haute Alpes, just 12 km north of Serres.

From Aspres-sur-Buech the route passes through Veynes and on to the stage finish in Gap.

Some Beyond places to visit near Gap are the Serre-Ponçon Lake, 25 km east, and the town of Embrun.

Stage 17: Digne-les-Bains - Pra Loup

Tricky market 22 July (Wednesday) the Tour departs the town of Digne-les-Bains, southeast down the Route Napoleon to Castellane. Along the way the peleton passes through Barrême and past the wee village of Senez.

From Castellane the route goes northeast along the side of the Lac de Castillon and over to Annot, which is on the line of the picturesque Train des Pignes and near the fortified village of Entrevaux.

From Annot the cyclists head north past Le Fugeret and Meailles villages to the upper Verdon River vally to Colmars (fortified by Vauban), Allos village and La Foux d'Allos ski station, over the 2250-m high Col d'Allos and up to Pra Loup, beside Barcelonnette.

Stage 18: Gap - St-Jean-de-Maurienne

Gap's Place Alsace-Lorraine with its 23 July (Thursday) the Tour departs Gap, heading north up the Route Napoleon via Corps and La Mure, then skirting Grenoble and heading northeast finish Stage 18 at St-Jean-de-Maurienne.

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