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The main Paris-Marseille-Nice-Italy rail line connects the coastal towns and villages along the Mediterranean coast [map], and links Beyond north to Lyon and Paris and east to Italy. [No, this photo isn't the Paris train, just a typical train door, actually on the Nice-Toulouse line.

photo Mezel Train

A main rail line connects the western and coastal part of Beyond with the rest of France and Europe. The western part runs north, via Lyon, to Paris. The southeastern part continues into Italy. Rail travel is excellent along the main rail line, connecting the coastal towns between Nice and Marseilles, and the western towns, such as Salon, Arles, Cavaillon, Avignon and Orange.

Luggage Lockers
At one time, the coin-in-the-door luggage lockers were discontinued for security reasons. The larger train stations have storage facilities where you can check your bags. We don't have a list, but we know of storage facilities at Antibes (dept 06) and Lyon, Part Dieu station (dept 69).

(Contributed by René Dawe, June 1998)
As to our train travel between France and Italy, we decided to buy our tickets as we needed them and not get a Eurail pass. It was a little harrowing at first, but once we got it figured out, it was fine. Second class was really nice and we couldn't see any reason to get first class. Our tickets probably cost half of what it would have cost with a pass. Also, we witnessed an argument between the French rail conductors and some very spoiled American college students. The college students displayed classic "bad American" behavior. They improperly used their Eurail passes and got in a loud and unpleasant argument with the French who took their passes and escorted them off the train at Monaco.