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Page information updated 1 Dec 2005

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of what TGV trains are available. This is not intended as an accurate, up-to-date schedule of trains.

For a current schedule, connect to the SNCF (French national railways) web. As much as we would like to help, there are scores, perhaps hundreds, of main-line and local-line schedules involved, that are updated at least twice a year. The updates to schedules rarely have major changes, so any time you see on our schedules here are good enough for general information; but if minutes count in your planning, get the latest schedules from any railway station (gare SNCF.

  Trip Time

Lille - Marseille

4hr30 - 5 hrs 100 euros


Lille - Montpellier 5 - 6 hrs 110 euros


Lyon - Marseille

1h30 - 1h45 40-50 euros


Lyon - Montpellier

2 - 3 hrs 50 euros


Dijon - Marseille

4 hrs 60-70 euros


Dijon - Montpellier

4 - 5.5 hrs 60-65 euros


Paris: Prices are the same for departs/destinations of Gare de Lyon, Marne la Vallée and Massy.
Paris - Aix-en-Provence (TGV) 3 - 3.5 hrs 75-95 euros


Paris - Nimes 3 - 4 hrs 75-85 euros


Paris - Toulon 4 hrs 85-95 euros

some change at Lyon, longer time

Paris - Avignon: The line from Paris to the Avignon-TGV station (a new station further south of the center) uses the new TGV line. For the Paris to the Avignon-Centre station (the old, but refurbished, station near the center) uses the new TGV line from Paris to Valence, then the classic line from Velence to Avignon-Center. It's all the same train, of course, only the tracks used change.
Paris - Avignon (TGV) 2hrs40 90 euros


Paris - Nice/Cannes 5hr40 95-105 euros


Metz - Nice (via Marseille) 11 - 12.5 hrs 95-110 euros


Geneva - Nice 6.5 hrs 75 euros


Geneva - Nice (via Valence TGV) 7.5 hrs 95 euros