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The town of Le Vigan had an active silk industry in the later 19th and early 20th centuries, and some of the ancient buildings remain from the raising of silk works and production of silk.

These days the town is obviously off its peak, but it's a pleasant enough place, and in a good location for visiting north into the Cévennes or south towards the Navacelles Cirque or down the Hérault to Saint Guilhem-le-Désert of the Pont du Diable.

Old Bridge

The Old Bridge (Vieux Pont) of Le Vigan is by the center of town, just up the river from the vastly more modern New Bridge. Walking across the cobblestoned old bridge takes you through a small cluster of old houses that must have once been a little hamlet.

Pont de la Croix

An ancient stone bridge 4 km east of Le Vigan, by the hamlet of Boussugues, is locally called the Pont de la Croix. This arched stone bridge supports a long, 22-arch stone aqueduct built along the top.

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