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Ganges Photo Gallery

  •  Ganges photo ganges0051b.jpg

    1/11. The tall, slender clock- and bell-tower of Ganges - The office de tourism is at the right with the town hall (mairie) behind

  •  Ganges photo ganges0020b.jpg

    2/11. The Ganges town hall (mairie)

  •  Ganges photo ganges0044b.jpg

    3/11. Twin towers of the main church in Ganges

  •  Ganges photo ganges0028b.jpg

    4/11. The main square in front of the Ganges office de tourisme

  •  Ganges photo ganges0006b.jpg

    5/11. Colorful center of Ganges on market day

  •  Ganges photo ganges0029b.jpg

    6/11. Just one small part of the Friday market in Ganges

  •  Ganges photo ganges0040b.jpg

    7/11. Interior of the Ganges covered market

  •  Ganges photo ganges0021b.jpg

    8/11. Information panels on the side of the Ganges tourist office building

  •  Ganges photo ganges0027b.jpg

    9/11. Detail of mural depicting the silk stocking industry in 19th-century Ganges

  •  Ganges photo ganges0052b.jpg

    10/11. The old bridge across the Hérault at the southwest edge of Ganges - It was closed during renovation while we were there

  •  Ganges photo ganges0016b.jpg

    11/11. A local tour bus in Ganges that brings people in from nearby villages on market day

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