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Provence is full of lovely old stone bridges. Many are Roman, and often still in use some 2000 years after they were built. Many Provencal bridges are "newer", dating from Medieval time and only a few hundred years old. The Roman Pont Julien (photo, left) was open to normal road traffic until very recently; now it's reserved for a major cycling trail and hikers.

 Ambroix Bridge photo ambroix-pont0017b.jpg

Pont Ambroix

The one remaining arch of an 11-arch Roman bridge on the Via Domitia, beside Ambrussum, southwest of Nîmes.

 Balouvière Aqueduct photo balouviere-aqueduct0019b.jpg

Balouvière Aqueduct

The 19th-century Balouvière Aqueduct was modeled after the Gallo-Roman Pont du Gard; at Laudun-l'Ardoise, 20 km west of Orange.

 Devils Bridge Herault photo diable-pont-herault0007b.jpg

Devil's Bridge (Herault)

This 12th-century Pont du Diable across the Herault is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located about 40 km west of Montpellier.

 Malpasset Dam photo malpasset001.jpg

Malpasset Dam

The barrage de Malpasset was and arched concrete dam built across a small river valley 10 km north of Fréjus, which broke during a night in December 1959 and killed abut 500 people.

 Plaines Roman Bridge photo plainesbridge0021b.jpg

Les Plaines Roman Bridge

A small twin-arched stone Roman bridge on the plains of the Var departement, crossing a small stream that divides a land of solid rock and wide, green vineyards.

 Pont du Gard photo pont-du-gard0008b.jpg

Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard is a three-level stone aqueduct crossing the Gardon river valley, about 25 km west of Avignon. Built over 2000 years ago, in 19 BC, by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, the son-in-law of Augustus.

 Pont Julien photo pontjulien097b.jpg

Pont Julien

A lovely three-arched, stone Roman bridge crossing a small stream west of the town of Apt.

 Roquefavour Aqueduct photo roquefavour87099b.jpg

Roquefavour Aqueduct

The Roquefavour Aqueduct is a beautiful 19th-century 3-tier stone aqueduct across the Arc river about 10 km west of Aix-en-Provence. Roquefavour, the world's highest stone aqueduct, was built in the style of the Roman Pont de Gard aqueduct as part of the Canal de Marseille.

 Sommières photo sommieres0074b.jpg


This medieval town 30 km west of Nîimes has a 1st-century Roman bridge still used as the main road bridge into town.

 Verrerie Basse Bridge photo verreriebasse0010b.jpg

La Verrerie Basse Bridge

A long double-arched 15th century stone bridge isolated in the woods at the edge of a large field, near the road leading south to Saint Tropez.

 Vins-sur-Caramy Bridge photo vinscaramy-bridge0003b.jpg

Vins-sur-Caramy Bridge

A long stone bridge with three wide arches, built in the 14th century but called locally the "Pont Romain"; in the Var department near Brignoles.