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 Sautadet Cascades photo sautadet-cascades0090b.jpg

Sautadet Cascades

An almost horizontal area of flat rocks with rapids and low, but interesting waterfalls, beside the lovely little village of La Roque-sur-Cèze and about 40 km from Orange.

 Sillans-la-Cascade Falls photo sillansfalls0004b.jpg

Sillans-la-Cascade Falls

A 42-m high waterfall (cascade) in the woods by the village of Sillans-la-Cascade.

 Tombereau Falls photo tombereau-falls0012b.jpg

Tombereau Falls

The Cascade du Tombereau is a pretty waterfall that flows into a lovely pond area, in an area of woods and vineyards north of Bras village and south of Brue-Auriac.