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 Ardèche Gorges Grottos photo chauvet-grotto-wallpainting001bb.jpg

Ardèche Gorges Grottos

About some of the grottos and caverns in the upper Ardèche Gorges, especially the ones that can be visited.

 Chauvet Grotto photo chauvet-grotto-replica001.jpg

Chauvet Grotto

A fabulous prehistoric grotto in the Ardèche gorges with hundreds of 36,000-year-old figurative wall paintings, discovered in 1994 and preserved in its pristine condition.

 Pont d'Arc Cavern photo chauvet-grotto0014b.jpg

Pont d'Arc Cavern

The largest decorated replica cavern in the world, just a few km from the original Chauvet Grotto, with the life-sized, decorated walls and artifacts duplicated in absolute detail, in caverns with the same layout, temperatures and ambiance as the original.